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  • The BIG summer project – a family affair!

    The BIG summer project – a family affair!

    So, husband (who reckons he’s not very handy when it comes to making anything…) after some persuading and many Pinterest sessions, made a fantastic sofa for our garden room.  He recycled a couple of pallets and our son’s old bed and sanded it all to perfection!  The soft bit was up to me.  Although I’ve…

  • More Mo’vember!!

                Just when I thought I had finished with Mo’staches for this year, 2 orders come along from the lovely guys on the Mo’ket Harborough committee for bow ties.  I am over the moon with the way they turned out and will definitely be offering them for Mo’vember 2015, so…

  • So what’s next….

    Well Christmas is around the corner. I’m very behind this year because of the sudden (but very wonderful) Movember order, poppies and becoming the president of Market Harborough WI!! So I won’t be putting any Christmas products on the site to sell this year, just because I don’t want to let anyone down. However, I…

  • Remember, remember a busy November!

    Remember, remember a busy November!

    Wow, what a month! And it isn’t finished yet. Been so busy this month at the detriment of my site. Movember ‘taches and poppies all came at once! As well as the success of the Mo’stache brooches, I managed to raise £62 for the Poppy Appeal.

  • Mo’vember Update

    Mo’vember Update

    I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done an update, but I’ve been busy crocheting like mad to get the order of ‘taches complete. I completed the final ten for Duncan on Monday, sold 5 myself on the way to drop them off and when I got to the shop with the delivery…

  • Mo’ket Harborough here I come!!

    Mo’ket Harborough here I come!!

    First order for is 50 moustaches for the charity event that is, Mo’vember.  Mo’ket Harborough is not going to know what’s hit it!  Check out  

  • is online! is online!

    Well it’s taken a while, but at last is up and running. Keep checking back regularly as we’ll be adding more and more products over the coming months as I build out the Autumn-Winter 2014 collection. Look out for our Christmas decoration range – great gifts for friends, neighbours or teachers!