The BIG summer project – a family affair!

So, husband (who reckons he’s not very handy when it comes to making anything…) after some persuading and many Pinterest sessions, made a fantastic sofa for our garden room.  He recycled a couple of pallets and our son’s old bed and sanded it all to perfection! 

The soft bit was up to me.  Although I’ve recovered our dining chairs, I have never started from scratch.  I was overjoyed when I found that AceFoam not only supplied cut to size foam but will add the Dacron wrap and stockinette too!

I found bargain fire retardant fabric for the seat cushions.  (It’s the law people…safety first!) and then started my hunt for cushion fabrics.

Now, Mr CPG is not too keen on patterns and definitely does not mix them!  When I started buying fabrics his eyes nearly popped out of his head, 😳 I tried really hard not to be too girly and outrageous to accommodate the taste of my menfolk, but at the same time having a bit of CPG edge, which quite frankly I can’t help!  The son had wanted orange (!)… so to appease that, the seat cushions have orange contrast top stitching. 😜 

I have trawled Ebay to find fabrics.  My favourite is the skull and cross bones!  I have to admit here that the geometric patterned cushion cover was bought via EBay as it was cheaper than buying a metre of fabric, however, this seller makes her cushion covers with an envelope back.  First, I felt disappointed that it didn’t have a zip like my others; then I thought “why didn’t I do that?!”;  then I realised how proud I was of rediscovering my zipper foot and doing the best job I could!

So, here is the big unveiling of our garden room sofa.  We’re very proud of it.  We’re loving recycling, and have more bits of the bed to transform…so watch this space!

Now, to work on Mr CPG to allow a bit of bunting…


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